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Durable Goods

Bond & Knight Origami-Style Wallets

Some time ago the folks at Bond & Knight,¬†independent British leather designers specialising in handmade, bespoke leathergoods sent me a couple beautiful leather wallets to have a look at. I really liked the quality of the leather and the very unique craftsmanship that went into creating these wallets so I did a video review to […]

Durable Goods

Two Bay Towne Leather Wallets – Vlog Entry

Another video blog entry, this time looking at a couple Bay Towne Leather wallets, “Handmade by Mason in the USA”. In the video I mention that the credit card wallet was going to be given away and in fact it was; Jeff is the new owner of the Bay Towne Leather credit card wallet shown […]


Marlondo Leather Bi-Fold Wallet Giveaway

As I have often said, I have a fetish for leather briefcases, satchels, messenger bags and wallets. The bags are typically too expensive to purchase too many of them too frequently.¬†Fortunately, wallets are not too expensive, usually… It just so happens I also love leather wallets. My current everyday carry is my ML Leather Fisherman’s […]