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The Year To Support Local

I’m not one for making New Years resolutions. I find them pretty much useless. So this year instead of making any resolutions, my goal is to “support local.” But let me back up a bit and explain what I am talking about. What I have done in the past is choose a word or a […]

Wiggle Chips
Life Musings

The Knowledge Gap

Let me tell you an amusing little story to illustrate a point about a thing I’m calling the Knowledge Gap. Most mornings I leave for work quite early while my wife gets our kids ready for school. She makes them breakfast and packs a lunch for them to take to school. It’s typically a healthy […]

C Market Coffee

C Market Coffee; Eat Local

In today’s effort to support a local, family owned business my daughter and I visited C Market Coffee for drinks and a couple of sandwiches. My daughter (Blonde Bear) started with the C Market House Made Lemonade. She declared it to be “not overly sweet and as you can see, it is loaded with fresh […]

Bread Baking

Apple Juice in the Vitamix

I’ve had a Vitamix “whole food processor” for about 20 years now and while I don’t use it all that often anymore, when I do use it, the results are usually pretty much 100% tasty. This weekend just gone, I was watching Let it Mix on Instagram make apple juice on with her Vitamix and […]

National Pizza Day

Enjoy National Pizza Day

The following post is sponsored by National Today and Top Agency. As with all content on this blog, all content, ideas, and opinions are my own. February 9th is National Pizza Day and that got me thinking; is there any food as perfect as pizza? Pizza. Basically bread, tomato paste or sauce, veggies, sometimes meat, […]

Kozak Ukrainian Eatery

Kozak Ukrainian Eatery

The best thing to do on a cold and and rainy afternoon after you have just discovered that the last four hours of work you have done on a computer has not saved – go for a bowl of soup. Yesterday I was writing report cards – every teacher’s favourite way to while away the […]


Lunch at the Ovaltine Cafe

Yesterday I went to pick up a new wool vest for myself (Merry Christmas to me!) from the Filson Store in Vancouver’s Gastown and seeing as I was traveling right by it, I decided to stop for lunch at the historic/nostalgic Ovaltine Cafe. Lunch was good. The food, as usual, was tasty and nicely prepared. […]

Getting Outside

Austin Texas and on to the Houston Space Center

Our third and final day in Texas was spent in Austin and Houston, Texas. Our stops included a cruise along the Colorado River where we go to experience the emergence of literally millions of bats, lunch at June’s Restaurant up in SoCo, and a tour of the Houston Space Center. This was a great way […]


A Weekend of Work, Fun, and Food

A good weekend of work, fun, and food. The first lunch on Saturday was in a tiny hole-in-the-wall place near the Executive Plaza Hotel on North Road. Tiny place that I didn’t catch the name of. Very nicely cut sashimi. Finally, I’ve got the outdoor grill up and running again! The kids wanted smokies so […]