Tag: Marlondo Leather Bag

  • My Video Review of the Marlondo Leather Briefcase

    After a few days of carrying my Marlondo Leather 14″ briefcase, I took a few minutes to film a video review of the briefcase. Here it is, for your viewing pleasure.

  • Leather Werk and Marlondo Leather Side by Side

    As my regular readers will know, I recently collaborated with Men Werro of Leather Werk to design and have him create a beauty of an iPad-plus carry bag. I also purchased an iPad carry bag from Marlondo Leather. Yes, I felt a tad guilty about buying two separate iPad carry bags but the way I…

  • Marlondo Leather iPad Carry Bag

    My second iPad bag arrived today. Second because I made the unusual step of ordering TWO iPad bags at about the same time. The first iPad bag, my Leather Werk bag arrived last week and now today my Marlondo Leather bag has arrived. My first, and my continuing impression is that this is a beautiful,…