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  • A Guest post from the twins’ mother

    Today we have a guest post from Annalie and Story’s mother, my sweet-super wife, Caragh. Boy, some days do I wish that there was a release switch on the breast.    A mom could detatch the boob and leave it there in the baby’s mouth and then sneak away to…well probably dishes or laundry, but at least…

  • The simple life

    Ahh for the simple life; when a baby cries the solution is relatively simpple. It wants either a bottle, it wants to be held or it has crapped the diaper and needs a change. Reminds me of life in my twenties…other than the crapping the diaper thing.

  • Bedtime for the twins and us

    So it is bedtime for the girls. I am just finished giving Annalie her final bottle for the next couple of hours and a couple of things come to me. First, Annalie now associates the bottle with food so when she sees it she, reaches out for it. Watching her reach for the bottle is…