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Getting Outside

Zero Motorcycle Test Ride – Video

Out of all the videos I have created and shared on YouTube, the video I did, my test ride of Zero Motorcycles is the one that gets the most views. I am not sure why it generates this kind of traffic, but it does. I also enjoy the comments that people take the time to […]

Life Musings

When the Universe Whispers, I Listen…now

As I mentioned earlier, I bought a motorcycle and I have loved riding my motorcycle since the day I bought it. Simply loved it. However, the other day the universe whispered in my, “Stop riding.” I ignored it. Sometimes the universe whispers in subtle ways. Not this time. A semi-truck raced through a yellow-almost-red light at […]

Life Musings

Missing the “Man Time” Part of Life

Perhaps the toughest thing that came along with having twin baby girls is the fact that I rarely ever get “man time.” Now make no mistake, it is a dream to have two of the most beautiful little girls the world has ever seen. And my wife, well, we are the very best of partners. […]