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My Thoughts on Christopher Robin the Movie

Earlier this week I went with my kids to see the movie Christopher Robin – or what my kids called “the Winnie the Pooh movie”. Of course no spoilers here, but I will say that while my kids enjoyed the movie as a piece of entertainment, the Christopher Robin movie was very meaningful to me […]


At the Movies; My Three Favourite Comedies

A couple of weeks ago I did a podcast about my three favourite comedy movies and unless you are one of the six people in North America who listened to that episode of my podcast, you probably missed it. Of course, like any list of “bests” these are just my thoughts and opinions. Clearly this […]

Toth at the Movies

Jurassic World: A Worthy Sequel?

Hello everybody, it’s the Movie Dude Toth laughing and scratching at ya once again, and surprise, surprise…there is no two month gap in between my reviews this time! ūüôā Anyhow, on to the matter at hand which is the film Jurassic World. The big question is can the movie re-capture some of magic of the […]


Movie Night at the Evergreen Cultural Centre

If you are anything like me or Toth The Movie Dude, it is likely you too can’t always find the films you’re itching to see in the local movie theatre. If you are looking for more than the same old Hollywood Blockbusters, you can join the crowds at the Evergreen Cultural Centre throughout this season […]

Toth at the Movies

The Skeleton Twins; Real Family Comedy

Here¬†is our first movie review by our movie Dude, the Toth. Enjoy it – “The dog dies at the end?!” Bill Hader responds in mock anger to Kristen Wiig’s accidental give away to the ending of the book Marley and Me. The two former Saturday Night Live alumni star in the new comedy/drama, The Skeleton […]


Cinderella 2015 the Disney Edition

I received an invite to an advance screening of Cinderella 2015, the new Disney version of the classic movie for yesterday evening. Of course my invite included a “plus one”. So I figured this was a good time to have a father-daughter bonding evening. Add to the fun of father-daughter bonding time, it was fun […]


My Hunger Games Movie Experience

Yesterday I had the¬†opportunity¬†to go to a real movie¬†theatre¬†and watch the movie The Hunger Games. First, about the movie, right off the bat I have to say that I was not impressed. The movie was¬†predictable and completely formulaic. I knew who was going to get killed and by whom from the opening scenes of the […]


Children of God; Go See It

This evening I attended a screening of the movie Children of God. The show is part of the Vancouver Queer Film Fest. My reaction? Wow. Simply wow. Cinemaphiles may disagree with me but I couldn’t help but think about Brokeback Mountain while I was watching Children of God. A Brokeback Mountain filmed in the Bahamas […]

Life Musings

Today’s audition went well

The girls were in a good mood during the audition time. Bonus! Sometimes they will play strange when someone they don’t know comes near them but today they were all smiles and cheer when the film person picked them up, one at a time. On a side note, the audition was held in a two-storey […]