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new year's eve
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Happy New Year

Just a simple and quick Happy New Year to you all. Funny thing, when I started as a teacher it was a bit of a shock to me when the students I was teaching had no connection to Expo 86. Expo had been such a huge part of so many lives in the 80s. Now, […]

Dussa's Ham and Cheese
Life Musings

Perspective is Everything

No end of the year wisdom or “best of” stuff from me. Just a little anecdote on how perspective is so important. Recently one of of my daughters asked me what kind of ham is my favourite. I thought for a minute or two – who has a favourite ham? Bit of an odd question […]

Life Musings

Making New Year’s Resolutions

Traditionally on or around the beginning of the New Year people make resolutions. They make resolutions to make changes that they’re going to make in their life to attempt to make their lives better. Typically I do not make New Year’s resolutions because I’ve always thought of them as kind of arbitrary and well, let’s […]