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My Thug Kitchen Inspired One Pot Spaghetti 

My turn to make dinner tonight so where do I turn for inspiration? To my Thug Kitchen 101 cookbook, of course. ? I love the flavours from their Skillet Beer Chili Mac – a one pot mac and cheese with beer and black beans recipe so I used that as a starting point for dinner this […]


Another One Pot Wonder

Tonight I got home later than usual, the kids were wild with hunger and there was nothing healthy to eat in the fridge. So, time for my one pot wonder quick meal.     This was so easy!  I cut up two small onions and dropped them into my Dutch oven pot and let them get […]


My One Pot Wonder Pasta Dinner 

It was my night to make dinner and while I love cooking, I hate all the kitchen mess that is left after cooking.  So what is better than a one pot wonder pasta dinner!    One pot! I used our Paderno Dutch oven for the entire meal. I began by adding a couple tablespoons of EVOO […]