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Raising Empowered Daughters
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“Raising Empowered Daughters; A Dad-to-Dad Guide”

There’s an old joke amongst English teachers – as an aside, as a person who teaches English I always feel like correcting the misplaced modifier in that title, after all, people who teach English aren’t always English – but I digress. Back to the old joke. That joke? One English teacher asks another English teacher […]

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The Reality of Parenting Conversations

Before I became a father I had many delusional dreams of having intellectual conversations with my children. I thought about the conversations we would have about local and global issues. I also thought about wandering along the shoreline with my children and watching the microcosm of life in tide pools. Or going for drives through […]

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Summer for a Parent 

This summer there have been three phrases that I have heard from my kids approximately 17,375,869 times. Not that I was keeping a precise count. Actually, I I was.  The first phrase I heard the most frequently, from the earliest time of the morning was, “Papa, can you get me …”  The next phrase quickly […]

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While at the swimming pool today with my kids I overheard a woman saying to another woman that, “kids  always get hurt when they are with their fathers and very rarely when they are with their mothers.” Taking exception to this idea I said, “Perhaps that’s because fathers are less prone to interfering with kids […]

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Military Training and Fatherhood

A friend of mine is going to become a father very soon and he was asking me what fatherhood is like and what he can do to prepare himself for the life changes he will soon be facing. So I told him the truth – being a parent is much like being in the military. […]

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Sunday at Quan’s Kitchen on Austin

Home again from our weekly breakfast at Quan’s. Story was her usual charming self this morning. She has become very vocal in the last couple of days and lets loose these piercing squeals that can be quite shocking to some. About half way through brekkie though she started squirming and acting all goofy. If her […]