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Getting Outside

April Nail Spa; Pedicure Completed!!

I did it. I went with Vancouver’s Mom Paradigm Blogger Lee-Anne Ekland to the April Nail Spa to have our end of the summer foot tune up completed!! Heaven.   Now, before you go further, I have to tell you there are photos of my feet that are downright nasty. Ugly nasty. And the super […]

Life Musings

My Pedicure Date at April Nail Spa

It is official, Leeanne Ekland, blogger at Mom Paradigm and I are going for pedicures at April Nail Spain New Westminster. And, the Mom Paradigm and I will both be blogging about the experience! And the really good news? If this locale passes the tough test of managing to tame my horrific feet, then I […]

Life Musings

Pedicure Desperately Needed

Why is it that during the summer months when people (like me) tend to go barefoot or in sandals much of the time do our feet get so nasty and grotty? I have to admit, I like to go barefoot as much and as often as I can. When I go out to walk the […]