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Capers Whole Foods Market Kitsilano

On Sunday me, my Sweetheart and the girls went to our favourite playground in the city, Kits Beach. After countless times up and down the roller slide, the girls needed a bit of lunch so we headed up to Capers Whole Foods Market Kitsilano on Fourth Ave. What a disappointment. We got a plate with an […]


Vancouver Christmas Market and Kits Beach Playground

Over the weekend we were downtown Vancouver so we seized the chance and went into the Vancouver Christmas Market. I had been reluctant to attend because I had heard so many horror stories about the line-ups to get. No such problem for us! We arrived and walked right into the Christmas Market where it was […]

Life Musings

The Girls Get Their Own Playground

Today, as usual the twins were standing in the front window as I walked up the winding drive of our city estate. As I approached our manor house they both began to jump up and down, squealing with obvious delight. The cause of their excitement? Our very own personal playground.