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PNE Food Tour

PNE Food Tour Reminiscing

I have not had the energy to sit and write anything lately even though I have had some fun things happening. So, instead of writing much, here are some pics of our PNE food tour. First up, we tried pickle pizza. We liked it. However, I suppose obviously, if you do not like pickles, you […]

Life Musings

A Day at the PNE

Not quite as glamourous as spending time on a cruise ship, but a day with the family at the Pacific National Exhibition (the good old PNE) is just about as much fun. Just a touch of background info here about me, in case you don’t already know, I detest “rides”. Things like the Hellevator and […]

Life Musings

PNE Purchases

Having a dog living in the house with us during the Vancouver rainy season in Vancouver makes me appreciate all that much more the purchase I made at last summer’s PNE; the Sham Wow. Every time I return from taking little Pikku out for a walk in the rain I grab the Shaw Wow and […]


Wordless Wednesday’s Foodie Tour of the PNE

Our family-day-foodie-tour of the PNE this year… And then we walked over to the rides section. The girls were nonplussed by the rides; Knowing we were going to the PNE I skipped breakfast because I knew all the nutritious food that we would encounter… Our first encounter with mini-donuts… More mini-donuts, this time from Mr […]