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Life Musings

Living in a shit-storm

Sometimes I feel like I am living in a shit storm. Take this morning for example…Annalie wakes up at 4:30am, reeking of turd. I begin to change her by pulling her jersey up over her head and find that the poonami has completely breached the perimeter. The inside of the jersey has been soiled so […]

Life Musings

Baby becomes a greased ferret

I remember when I was a kid and we lived on a rural property (calling it a farm would be a stretch) my Dad brought home, through some complicated Tom Sawyer like trade, a “pet” ferret. Now anyone who has had a pet ferret might disagree with my observations, be that as it may… A ferret […]

Life Musings

Poonami time

Just before I am about to slip out the door to go to live-blog (at www.theleftcoast.ca) the BC Country Music Awards show at the Red Robinson Theatre, I see that Story has had a massive diaper filler, what we “affectionately” call a poonami, and it has breeched the edges of the diaper. So, it is hose down child, […]