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Meat Craft Urban Butchery; Geldermans Pork

I took off to the cabin with my daughters for one last long weekend before the “back to school” frenzy took hold of everyone and as usual, I stopped in to see Greg the Butcher at Meat Craft Urban Butchery in Port Moody for my meat fix. Seeing as I was going with both daughters, […]


293 Wallace St

A buddy of mine and I had to make a run up the Fraser Canyon Friday evening so we seized the opportunity to stop in and eat at Chef Hiro Takeda’s place, 293 Wallace St in Hope. As usual, I went to the more “edgy” side of his menu while my travel companion played things […]


A Visit to Hopcott Meats

After the recent outbreak of Avian flu in the Fraser Valley I started thinking a little more about how food is produced. One of the poultry barns that became infected with Avian flu housed something like 20,000 birds. That is not a farm, that is a food factory. And then the infection continued progressing through […]