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Home Cooking Fondant Potatoes

The other day my daughter was cruising around Pinterest looking at interesting food prep ideas as kids do these days when she came across a video of a guy making Fondant Potatoes. The sort of irreverent way that he narrated the video intrigued her so she watched it and then asked me to watch it […]

Potato Planter

Building a Growing Potato Planter

With so many people going back to the “Little House on the Prairies” lifestyle and baking bread, I decided to go in another direction and start to grow potatoes for the family. So I built a growing potato planter – in our front yard. I went to my local lumber store and bought the supplies: […]


Tasty Meat and Potato Pie

The kids and I saw a video on the Facebook about making what we called Meat and Potato Pie and we decided to give it a try ourselves – with what we had on hand, in the kitchen. We started out making a Bernaise sauce – basically melting a 1/2 lb of butter and whisking […]


Baked Potatoes on Almost Wordless Wednesday 

Dinner last night was in the Burnaby test kitchen where we were playing around with the toaster oven to see how quickly and effectively we could bake a couple of potatoes. Once the potatoes were baked, we added butter, fresh salsa, a little thinly sliced red onion, a bit of our candied bacon, and a […]


Lunch; Steak and Potatoes

Good old lunch of steak and potatoes with a little sautéed broccolini to make it even more healthy. The potatoes are fingerlings. Steamed. Best eaten dipped in a creamy dip. The broccolini is cooked by adding it to a large pan that is already hot. Let it cook until it gets dark green and then […]


Dinner With Dad

One of the best ways to get kids who are reluctant eaters (how is it that I end up with a reluctant ester?) to eat is to make bizarre things out of the food.  Last night I decided to make a low level Jenga game of the potatoes I had chopped into French fry shape.  […]


French Fries Without the Fryer

My kids love French fries. But I don’t want to give them deep fried food, plus I don’t like using a deep fryer at home! So rather than deep frying potatoes, I have been experimenting with oven baking potatoes. Today I decided to go for a Jenga-inspired oven baked French fries. And it worked really […]


Poached Eggs on Potato Pancakes

Lunch today was made by students in the Foods and Nutrition class and served to the rest of the students in the school program. Two perfectly poached eggs on a couple of potato pancakes with a side of grated carrot and apple salad. And is there anything better than 14 % sour cream? I’m telling […]