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Life Musings

New Excessive Speed Laws in BC

With the recent changes to the excessive speeding laws in BC there has been loads of attention heaped on the few speed freaks who have been caught. As an example, last week the media were given a prime photo op when two motorcyclists were caught traveling at a high rate of speed through a construction […]

Life Musings

Long Board Death and Drownings; Preventable

I was listening to CBC Radio this morning and Anthony Germaine, filling in for Rick Clough was speaking to a guy about the tragic death of the young woman who was long-boarding on Mt Seymour Parkway. During that conversation Germaine brought up the fact that this tragedy, and it is a tragedy, may make some […]

Life Musings

Safety Reminders for the First Day of Spring

Today being the first day of spring, and a sunny Saturday as well, it was inspiring to see so many people out in their yards trimming shrubs and bushes, planting flowers and what-not and cutting their lawns. However, there was one part of this scene that was more than a little perturbing to me, Mr Safety, […]