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Fire Pizza

Restaurants in Crisis

I hate to say it, but the Canadian restaurant industry is in really serious trouble. The current global pandemic is wreaking havoc on the restaurant business – in particular, family operated and independent restaurants. These smaller establishments are at high risk of going out of business during this pandemic – and quite possibly not returning […]


Vancouver Restaurants; Gone but not Forgotten

News that the classic Vancouver institution known as The Elbow Room is closing got me thinking about a few of the Vancouver restaurants that have closed. The first one that comes to mind is the Hastings Street seafood restaurant affectionately known as The Only. Right down in the heart of the downtown Eastside, The Only […]


Nagano Sushi – Coquitlam

I was down near Coquitlam Center and I had some time to kill, and of course I was hungry, so I went into Nagano Sushi for a pre-dinner snack. First impressions were that the combos and many of the menu items were just a bit more expensive than most other sushi restaurants that I visit […]

Me N Eds Pizza

Lunch at Me-n-Ed’s Pizza Parlour

I remember when I was a teenager, way back when, and my buddies and I would go to Me-n-Ed’s Pizza Parlour near what was then the Middlegate Mall – now known as Highgate. Back then I didn’t know much about food but I did know that the pizza at Me-n-Eds was excellent. Now that I […]


Lunch at 3G Restaurant on Cambie Street

After it was announced that the Lotto Max $50 million winning ticket had been purchased at a convenience store in Vancouver, my father-in-law made the assumption that he had won the Lotto Max jackpot. Assuming that he was now a very wealthy man, he called to invite us to a special lunch. Keep in mind […]


A Visit to the Dragon Palace

Earlier this week we were out late in the afternoon with the wee uns and we were just too tired to go home and make dinner for the kids. Seeing as I detest most take-out, other than some sushi or pizza, our choices were quite limited. So what did we do? We wheeled into one […]


The Terminal Pub in New West Gets a Makeover

Recently I had the pleasure of taking a couple of my New Westminster clients out for a working lunch. Seeing as they were based in New West, I thought it might be nice to try out something other than the River’s Reach Pub. So we made our way to the Terminal Pub. Now I have to […]


The Vancouver Restaurant Scene

In the days of long ago, during more innocent times, when we were childless, my Sweetheart and I would search out new and exotic cuisines at the most fashionable restaurants in our city. In fact we would plan our vacations around specific restaurants that we wanted to dine at. Sometimes in the middle of the night […]

Life Musings

The Q Steakhouse

So hosted my annual mans’ night dinner on Saturday night at the Q Steakhouse. Unfortunately two of the invitees canceled late in the process. Regardless, a very good time was had by the two of us who did make it. When we arrived the young lady at the door greeted us with a smile and remembered my request […]