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Wendy's Chicken Sandwich

Wendy’s Chicken Sandwich

In my continuing research into chicken sandwiches, I decided to try out the Wendy’s chicken sandwich. It didn’t hurt that a page of coupons recently arrived at my house for Wendy’s burgers, wraps, salads, and sandwiches! The Wendy’s coupons have a “2-can-dine-for $13.99” deal for two spicy, grilled or homestyle chicken sandwich combos. We oped […]

PNE Mini-Donuts

Duffin’s Donuts

In honour of National Donut Day, I am reposting this one about Vancouver’s funkiest doughnut shop – Duffin’s Donuts. If I am traveling anywhere remotely close to 41st and Knight Street in Vancouver, I always make a detour to stop at the most eclectic donut shop anyone could imagine; Duffin’s Donuts. Yes, that’s a barbecue […]


Duffin’s Donuts; Good Times

Do you know of a restaurant or two or three that you have always wanted to try but have just never managed to make it happen? I’ve got a couple, but after this weekend, one less. This weekend I crossed one of my “I really need to try that place” restaurants after visiting Duffin’s Donuts […]


Starbucks Carved Ham and Swiss Sandwich

I have to admit, I have not been happy with the last few breakfast sandwiches I’ve bought from Starbucks. The bacon sandwiches have seriously under cooked and stringy bacon and the roasted ham sandwiches have had an odd chemical-like smell and taste. Not a happy Starbucks customer. And then they brought in the carved ham […]


Ba Lé Sandwich Shop

I went out searching for another beautiful Vietnamese sub sandwich. This time I followed up on Beyond the Rhetoric – my fellow foodie’s recommendation and stopped at Ba Lé on Main Street just south of Hastings Street. Ba Lé is a simple affair. Vietnamese sandwiches done quickly. You walk up to the counter, tell the […]


Noodle Soup with Soft Poached Egg

Today’s high school cafeteria lunch was a bowl of noodles in a sweet and savoury broth. The spiralized carrots and radish added a nice little crunch to the soup while the steamed spinach created a little bed for the beautiful soft poached egg.  While the soup was delicious, it didn’t fill me up completely so […]


Chachi’s Sandwich Shop

I was in Metrotown for a very late lunch this afternoon and I decided to try out a sandwich place I recently heard about – Chachi’s in the Metrotown foodcourt. The sandwich was good. Just good. Nice flavour with hints of jalapeno and tender enough meat. Yep, it was a good sandwich. But for $11, […]