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Life Musings

Another Free “Beat the Heat Activity”

As the heat wave continues to sit over top of Metro Vancouver and much of southern British Columbia I am looking for more creative ways to entertain my children while avoiding the heat as best I can. I previously took the kids to Burnaby Village Museum which they loved, but today I wanted to be […]

Getting Outside

Day Two in Austin Texas

Day two in Austin Texas included a wander along South Congress, a shopping district known to the locals as SoCo, an extended period of time in Allens Boots – Austin’s boot superstore, and finally, a visit to the Circuit of Americas racetrack. Another crazy busy day that again ended with all of us on the dance […]


Burquitlam Safeway; Price Check On Aisle One

Seeing as I needed a loaf of bread, I decided to make another visit to the Burquitlam Safeway. While I was there I also checked out the layout of the store and the prices in the new store. After leaving the fresh produce section of the store you enter the main part of the store. […]


Burquitlam Safeway Grand Opening

Friday was the grand opening of the Burquitlam location of the newest Safeway in Metro Vancouver and I have to admit, I was quite impressed with the design and layout of the new store. You enter the new store at ground level where there is a sort of market section; there are bulk boxes of […]


Costco – A Shopping Paradise

Is there anywhere else in Canada as wonderful to shop at as a Costco? I’m mean really, it is a shopping paradise. Especially on a hot summer afternoon and your kids are cranky from the heat and bored of every single toy they own you feel like you are about to lose your mind. Costco. […]

Life Musings

City Life, Suburban Life Part II

In my ongoing exploration of the differences between a city life and a suburban life, I had blogger Lee-Anne of the Mom Paradigm snap a picture of the shopping experience in the Olympic Village.           I then snapped a picture of the suburban shopping experience. The key difference again? An ocean of […]