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Life Musings

Metro Vancouver’s Easter Island Edifices

How long do you think it will be before some future archeologist type people are gazing upon our Easter Island-like edifices and pondering the hubris of putting trains in the air? Will they stand around the ruins of these once magnificent ruins asking, “But why wouldn’t they just build train tracks on the solid earth?”

Life Musings

Evergreen Line Construction Taking Shape

The Evergreen Line project is beginning to take shape, with the first guideway column for the upcoming Metro Vancouver rapid transit line now in place. The elevated guideway column stands near the south tunnel portal at the corner of Como Lake Avenue and Clarke Road in Coquitlam. Although it is great to know that the […]

Life Musings

A Day About Town With Papa

Seeing as Sweetheart was going to be stuck in the office for most of the day and it was sunny outside, well sort of sunny, I decided to make it a day to be out and about in the city with my little ones today. As it turns out, the day the day turned out […]