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The BC Storm and Winter Driving Preparedness

Many of the weather prognosticators are now saying that we should prepare for another long, cold and (shudder) snowy winter in the Metro Vancouver region. Ugh. Get ready for hashtag #BC Storm to start trending as we get a dusting of snow. If we are in fact in for a snowy winter, and you are […]

Life Musings

Snow Preparedness and Lawsuits

We often hear about how society has become very litigious. People live in fear of being sued for this, that or anything else. People race out to shovel snow off and spread copious amounts of salt and other ice melting miracle chemicals on their walkways as soon as there’s a sprinkle of snow. After all, […]

Life Musings

Snow Day Driving Tips

Well, as it sometimes does, it has snowed in the Metro Vancouver area. Of course some areas of the city have been hit harder by the snow storm than others but if you need to drive, here are a couple tips to help keep you safe on the roads. First, if you didn’t have the […]