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In the Kitchen

Farm Town Meats; Steak for Dinner

I have been crazy busy this week with work and making plans to head off to Whistler for the Beer Festival so I haven’t had a chance to sit down and tickle the keyboard. I have to admit, I have also been out with my kids riding our bicycles -soaking up the last few days […]

Food and Drink

The Soft Opening of Pepper Lunch Canada

I saw a note on Instagram about a new location of the Pepper Lunch restaurant having a “soft opening” event on Saturday and knowing that I was going to be dropping my family off at YVR that morning, I added a comment to say that I would attend the soft opening. When I walked in, […]

In the Kitchen

Lunch; Steak and Potatoes

Good old lunch of steak and potatoes with a little sautéed broccolini to make it even more healthy. The potatoes are fingerlings. Steamed. Best eaten dipped in a creamy dip. The broccolini is cooked by adding it to a large pan that is already hot. Let it cook until it gets dark green and then […]

In the Kitchen

Cabin-Cooking; Bone-in Prime Rib Steak

On the long weekend just passed, I decided to head out of town to the cabin. As well as making bread at the cabin, I also needed something substantial for my dinner so of course I visited Meat Craft, my local butcher in Port Moody. Greg the Butcher set me up with a beauty of […]

In the Kitchen

Cabin Cooking; the Porterhouse Steak

I snuck out of town to my cabin again, this time to measure the cabin roof and prep it for a replacement. And of course a trip to the cabin means I’m going to cook meat. As usual, I headed down to see my local butcher – Greg the Butcher at Meatcraft Urban Butchery in […]

Foodie News

Meat Craft Urban Butchery Grand Opening Event

I have written a couple blog posts now about the Meat Craft Urban Butchery located in Port Moody. And, although they have been open for business for a couple of weeks now, they are going to have a grand opening celebration on Sunday November 22nd between noon and 4 PM. At their grand opening event Meat Craft will […]

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Argo Cafe At Night

Typically you would think that an accountant would know better than to open a restaurant. But when an accountant grows up in a home with parents who are very accomplished chefs, it sort of becomes a foregone conclusion that they will all end up in the kitchen of the family restaurant. That is sort of […]

Food and Drink

Cooking a Strip Loin Steak

Yesterday in my blog post about the Gammon bacon I mentioned the other piece of meat that I took along on my weekend trip to my cabin – the boneless strip loin steak from Meat Craft Urban Butchery.  The strip loin was just over 13 ounces and honestly, it was enough to easily feed two […]

Food and Drink

Bison Steak

On a recent trip to the cabin I decided to do something a little different. So I stopped at my local Theifty Foods and bought a bison strip loin steak.  I laid it in one of my cast iron frying pans and cooked it under the broiler on the stove for five minutes each side. […]

Food and Drink

Cactus Club Serves Up a Winner Dinner

Last week I wanted to go out for a family celebration with my mother and sister and we agreed upon the Cactus Club restaurant on Kingsway across from Metrotown. As it turned out, our choice was a good choice. I have not been in a Cactus Club restaurant for quite some time and I was […]