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  • Venison Vs Farmed Salmon

    Venison Vs Farmed Salmon

    Funny thing happened to me this weekend. A thing that made me go hmmmm… Let me back up a bit. Last fall a friend of mine who lives near the Kootenays – actually his home is in what is known as Boundary Country – the area between the Okanagon and the Kootenays gave me three…

  • Brisket Pie on the Traeger

    Brisket Pie on the Traeger

    I had a couple freezer bags of brisket in the freezer and I had a hankering for some brisket and yet I did not want to have brisket sandwiches. So, why not brisket pie? Yep, brisket pie. I started out with putting the brisket into my stainless bread mixing bowl and added a package of…

  • Smoking a Brisket on the Traeger

    Smoking a Brisket on the Traeger

    As I may have mentioned, earlier this summer I bought a Traeger pellet grill. I did this to benefit my family. Yeah, that’s my story! The reality is, the Traeger is a great addition to our home because while most people think of it as a smoker, it is actually really useful as a convection…