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Getting Outside

Bulb Planting at Como Lake Park

Coquitlam’s Park Spark program is hosting a community bulb planting event at Como Lake Park on Thursday, October 23 from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Neighbours, school groups and local businesses are encouraged to stop by Como Lake Park to help plant flower bulbs around the park. Volunteers will be able to work alongside City gardening […]

Life Musings

Bringing Wilderness Into a Suburban Garden

For many years, gardening has meant bringing order to nature by designing outdoor spaces to feature boxed-in plants and flowerbeds, clearly defined pathways and well-tended bushes and trees.  But there has been a movement of late to work with Mother Nature rather than against her, resulting in gardens that mix both tamed nature and nature […]


A Couple of Urban Gardening Ideas

A simple addition to your patio planter can be chives; amazingly beautiful when added yo your urban gardening routine and also very useful in your kitchen. For example, this beautiful planter has chives growing in it and foodies know that chives are absolutely delicious in many dishes. When homegrown they are even more amazingly flavourful. […]


Apple Trees to Replace Ornamental Trees on City Streets?

One thing that I got to wondering about today was, why do cities plant ornamental trees instead of apple trees along their streets? Okay, the cherry blossoms are beautiful in the spring for the couple of weeks that they are in bloom but otherwise, what purpose do ornamental trees play? I understand that some housing […]


100 Foot Diet Update

Because the kids are out playing in the tent I set up in the backyard, I have a couple more minutes to share a SECOND blog post with you, yes two in one day!! SO here is a pictorial update on our suburban gardening adventures, or, as I call it, our 100 foot diet.     Yes, […]