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Life Musings

Top Ten Winter Destinations for the USA

Last week we were sitting around the lunch table at work and the conversation turned to winter vacation planning – specifically, where were people planning to go for winter vacation. And that got us asking, what are some of the top vacation places, particularly in the USA. Of course lots of my lunch friends assumed […]

Life Musings

Our Final (Great) Day in San Diego

The twins are sleeping and we are packing our gear in preparation for tomorrow, a day of air travel. Our journey to San Diego has been a resounding success. We can do it! We can travel with our twin princesses. While her in San Diego we have visited Sea World and the world famous San […]

Life Musings

A Merry Christmas to All…

Well it certainly has started out as a very merry Christmas here at our house. As per usual, Annalie woke me up at 2:30am demanding a couple bottles of milk and a diaper change. I obliged her, as I usually do. This was after Story had woken up at 11pm and decided that the night […]