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Cabin Cooking; Ribeye Steak and VEGGIES!!

Cabin Cooking – pictures are worth a 1000 words right? Well here are a few thousand words!! Let me just say, thus steak from Meatcraft Urban Butchery was awesome. And the veggies from the Desert Hills Ranch in Ashcroft…wonderfully fresh and full of flavour. I started with a beauty of a ribeye steak from Meat […]


Cabin Cooking; Brussel Sprouts

This week I took a quick trip to the cabin and as usual, I took the opportunity to cook a dinner of the foods that I enjoy – including brussel sprouts – without worrying whether the kids would eat it or not. To start, I did my broiler-brussel sprouts. After cleaning them up, I sliced […]


When You Forget Your Lunch

When you forget your lunch AND your wallet at home on the same day, it is awesome to be able to come home and quickly prepare a healthy snack.     I put a small pot of steamed broccoli and half a zucchini (chopped) from the front yard garden and a handful of rice from last […]



I remember when I was a kid living back on the family farm, we didn’t gave good and reliable refrigeration or access to fresh veggies so we always had jars of sprouts in a variety of stages of readiness. Alfalfa, radish, cabbage, broccoli and fenugreek were some of the sprouts we would have. These fenugreek […]