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Life Musings

Hiking through Lynn Canyon to Rice Lake

We left the house this morning with the intention of driving over to North Vancouver and going for a walkabout around Rice Lake. Not knowing exactly where it is, we figured the good old Garmin GPS would take us there. So we tapped in Rice Lake and… So we cancelled that plan and decided to […]

Life Musings

Blonde Bear Decides to get up and Walk

Big celebration around our house this weekend…Blonde Bear decided that it is time for her to quit crawling and get up and walk. Seeing her up and walking provided a huge sigh of relief to my Sweetheart and myself. Whether we admitted it out loud or not, there was a concern that she was not yet […]

Life Musings

Race to the school drop off zone

There is a wild and fiendish group of drivers who avoid public scrutiny by and large but who are nevertheless, a hazard to life and limb. That group is the parents, typically mothers, who drive their kids to school in the morning and then pick them up after school. We live near a small private school that […]