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Life Musings

The Shaving Yeti’s Magic Elixir

The guys from The Shaving Yeti sent me a puck of their new Dr Yeti’s Magic Elixir to do a test shave and video with. In the package with my puck was a puck of their super-face-freezing menthol shave soap, Yeti Snot and a shave stick of Columbian Necktie. The Yeti Snot and Columbian Necktie […]

Life Musings

The Stirling Soap Company Giveaway

Today’s giveaway is aimed at the old school wet shavers in the audience! We have partnered with the good people at Stirling Soap Company for this giveaway. Now, to be honest, I have not yet used any of the soaps from Stirling Soap Company. This is only because I picked the soaps up at the […]

Getting Outside

Wet Shaving with Yeti Snot

As you may remember, this past Christmas I started using a double-edge safety razor and “wet-shaving”. The best part of my new shaving routine is that I get to try out new shave soaps and lathers, and my latest acquisition is Yeti Snot. Although it has a very odd name, it is the new star […]