Take Two on the Giant Pumpkin Seeds

For whatever reason my giant pumpkin seeds, or should I say, the seeds for my giant pumpkins did not sprout. Thankfully I saw my colleague and fellow gardening enthusiast today who very kindly supplied me with a new set of seeds.

Giant Pumpkin Seeds
Giant Pumpkin Seeds



As well as new seeds, we also discussed techniques about how to get the seeds to sprout and further along, how to pollinate the flowers, how to get the pumpkins to set fruit and so much more.

In fact, we went to a website who’s mission is to provide an interactive forum for the giant pumpkin growing community.

Okay, pardon me, did you know that there is a giant pumpkin growing community? How awesome is this!

From the forum I now now that it is helpful to file the “seam” of the seeds before planting them. Hence the Leatherman with the file blade open in the pic above with the seeds.

I will keep you updated on the seed progress. For now, here is where they are at…except for the seeds I am trying a radical planting procedure with

Planted Seeds
Planted Seeds