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Taking a Social Media Break

Funny thing happened in late January; I decided to take a social media break – I took a hiatus from social media.

My desire to take a little break was not because of the Faceplant whistleblower event that demonstrated that FB cares more about profits than about their user’s mental health. Nope. Besides, who didn’t know that FB values profits over people already?

It also wasn’t because Instacrap fills young users – female and male and people who do not subscribe to a binary world – fills their social media feed with unrealistic and unhealthy body image messages. Nope.

It also wasn’t because Tweeter is full of venom, vitriol, and hate. Nope. Reality is – it is full of hate. And vitriol.

All these things are serious problems. True.

Lost in the 50s Burgers

I decided to take a hiatus because I couldn’t enjoy a bite to eat without worrying if I had the perfect picture of the food item I was going to eat.

I couldn’t go for a walk without thinking of how I was going to captain image that I could share from my walk.

Manning Park

All I could think about was how I was going to capture an image for social media. So on January 23rd I said enough. I posted on Instasnap that I was “taking a hiatus, I was going home for a rest”.

The “going home for a rest line” was a bit of a play on the Spirit of the West song, “Home For a Rest” – the song that had just recently been chosen as the ultimate BC song.

Ramen Bella

Really, I was just taking a break. No mental health issues. No need for concern. I was just hoping to live more in the moment and enjoy my food when it was warm – not cold because I took so long to take a roll of photos!

And then a funny thing happened.

My phone lit up! I had countless people checking in to see if I was okay! People messaged me. Sent me texts. Sent me FB messenger messages. Crazy enough, some actually PHONED ME.

It was cool to see how many people care about me. It was not my intention to get my friends concerned about me but wow, it sure felt good to see how many people really do care about me.

Rest assured, I am fine. I am doing great. I am loving eating food without stressing about capturing a picture of it!!

Thank you all. And in time, I may start sharing pictures of the doughnuts and coffee I get on the weekend!