Tater Tot Poutine

I saw a tweet about someone making tater tot poutine and so I says to myself I says, “Stacey, there’s no reason you can’t make that!” So I did.

I stopped at No-Frills, my local grocery store and picked up a package of gravy mix and a bag of cheese curds.

A quick stop at Farm Town Meats for five strips of bacon and I was almost ready.

I also bought a bag of tater tots.

I knew I had grated mozzarella at home so I didn’t need to buy any of that.

Super easy to make the poutine. I cranked the oven to 450°, dumped the tater tots onto a baking sheet, and slid them into the oven for 15 minutes.

While they were getting roasty I sliced the bacon into small pieces and fried it up over a medium heat. I made the bacon bits quite crispy.

I also put 2 cups of water into a small pot, brought it to a boil, and then poured in the gravy mix. Yes, it is packaged gravy. Whatever. It works.

Once the tater tots were somewhat crispy I transferred them into my Field Company cast iron pan that I had used to cook the bacon (not sponsored even though I’d love to be).

Added a handful of mozzarella cheese, the crispy bacon bits, and then gave it a quick toss before ladling some gravy over top.

Pan went back into the oven to get the mozzarella cheese warm and gooey before pulling it from the oven and adding the cheese curds.

Once the cheese curds were added I ladled on a bit more gravy and then popped the pan back in the oven to get the curds into an ooey gooey stretchy goodness.

Out of the oven, on the table, and “kids, dinner is ready!”

Honestly, it was spectacular. I’ll definitely be making this again!