Teething; the Extreme Home Edition

I have a list of postings that I have been working on with deadlines approaching and passing and yet I have not been able to complete any of them. The reason? Teething, the extreme home edition.

Annalie is cutting in molars. This teething thing has taken us completely by surprise because up until now both of the girls have essentially woken up with new teeth every morning without any fuss. Both girls have complete rows of  top and bottom front teeth and Story has a bunch of molars already in. Now Annalie is cutting in her molars and it is not so pleasant.

Not pleasant? It is horrific. Shae wakes at midnight with a scream of terror. A scream that goes on and on. A scream that makes your skin crawl. And she cannot be soothed. It is like she is having some kind of a night terror. It is just so awful.

The other night we administered our handy-dandy trusted Hyland’s Teething Tablets and it is was like that scene in the Exorcist where Linda Blair sprays pea-soup all over the room. Awful and nasty in a 4am wake up call.

So my reviews of the Ikea Breakfast will have to wait. My posting of the most essential of essential products will have to wait. My Fathers’ Day posting will have to wait. My littlest angel needs me right now.

By the way though, the Ikea breakfast was a hit…see pic below.

Ikea Breakfast
Ikea Breakfast