Tenen Restaurant For Lunch

I went back to the Tenen Restaurant with a couple of besties for lunch today and we shared a platter of meat. Oh my, it was a platter of meat, meat and more meat. And a couple of veggies.

Meat Platter at Tenen
Meat Platter at Tenen

When Sasha the owner brought it to our table he said, “You know, we take our meat seriously here!”

And he means it. He told me that although he can somewhat understand the North American barbecue style of adding thick sauces to the meat, he prefers to let the meat speak for itself. It certainly does that!

My favourite part of the platter was the chicken thigh. With just a little bit of the skin left on, it was incredibly moist and full of flavour. I openly admit that I am a thigh-guy when it comes to chicken.

The shish-kabobs of chicken and pork were very good. And the thick-cut bacon and sausages? Out of this world.

Sour Cherry Custard
Sour Cherry Custard

We also shared a dessert – the sour cherries in phyllo pastry and custard and it was just as good this time as it was the last time we ate it. Another great meal from the Tenen Restaurant!

The Tenen Restaurant serves a variety of Serbian and Eastern European cuisines. They are located at 7569 Royal Oak Ave in South Burnaby. When you want a meat feast, pay them a visit!

Disclosure: The folks at Tenen Restaurant provided no financial or other incentive for this blog post. As always, editorial control remains with me.

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