The Advantages of Restaurant Dining with Small Children

There are a few benefits to going to restaurants when you have small children. The first benefit is that they just about always have a table set aside for you, usually in the furthest back corner, right beside the washroom door. Another benefit is that even if they do not bring you napkins, hey, you’ve got baby wipes with you anyway. Third, if you, or your little one’s curious hands spills a glass of water, coffee, soda or other drink, the servers are probably ignoring you so don’t expect them to come and help. But don’t despair, you carry the solution in your diaper bag! Pull out a diaper, absorbent side down, and spill-be-gone!

But the best advantage of taking a baby with you, if you have a gassy gut while you are out, no more worry! No more holding it in and having gut cramps! Of course nobody else is seated in the Gulags like you are anyway, but in case they are, when they wrinkle their noses, you can say that the baby has a dirty diaper! So just let it rip.

Can you tell we skipped our weekly outing to Quan’s Kitchen and hit up a different diner?

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