Air Fryer

The Air Fryer; My Newest Kitchen Gadget

I am still here even though I have not posted anything for way too long. I have been living the COVID-19 dream life – staying home, walking around the neighbourhood, and learning new cooking tricks and techniques for my new AIR FRYER!!

Air Fryer

After watching my friend Tony Conrad putting together endless delicious looking meals with his Air Fryer, I couldn’t help it, I jumped on the bandwagon and bought an Air Fryer.

And yes, I am loving it. Even more than I love the Instant Pot – which we continue to use very frequently.

Air Fryer Wings

However, the Air Fryer – what a cool device. I have been cooking everything in the Air Fryer. My favourite thing so far is cooking chicken wings in the Air Fryer. When I add a 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder to the dry coating that goes on the wings, superb.

Air Fryer Chicken

You do want to make sure that you use baking POWDER and not baking soda. I used soda by mistake the first time and the wings picked up an awful bitter taste – into the bin with all of them!

Air Fryer Ribs

And then there were the pork baby back ribs I did in the Air Fryer. I actually did one set of ribs in the Instant Pot and one set in the Air Fryer. The Instant Pot ribs were “fall off the bone” tender while the Air Fryer ribs were much more firm to the teeth – the way I like them.

Air Fryer Ribs

One of my kids likes the “fall-off the bone” tenderness for ribs while my other kid prefers the drier, more firm texture of the Air Fryer ribs. I also liked the Air Fryer ribs more than the Instant Pot ribs.

Other things we have cooked with the Air Fryer are French fries – slice up potatoes into French fry shapes, add a tablespoon of olive oil, some seasoning, and into the fryer. Superb results.

Try the same with sweet potatoes. Amazing sweet potato fries.

Hashbrown potatoes; dice potatoes, add some seasoning and fryer time.

I will try to grab some pics of the fries next time – they are so popular that the kids have been diving in even before I can grab photos of the fries!

I will add some more info soon. I will also include some of the cooking times that I have learned to use.