The Assumptions We Make

It is interesting to think about the assumptions we make in life and how they change as we get older.

Yesterday morning I was out for my usual 6:30am walk with the dog when I saw our neighbour pull into her driveway. Her hair was a mess and she looked like she was in a hurry.

Our neighbour’s are very similar to us in the fact that they have two little kids about the same age as our little ones. Our yards are both decorated in the primary colours of Fisher-Price and our lawns are pretty beat up from kids and dogs running and playing on them.

Backyard Lawn
Backyard Lawn


As I walked by with the dog and a coffee in my hand I absentmindedly waved at her and she returned the wave as she wheeled into her driveway. At that point I made an assumption. I assumed that she was returning home from a workout at the gym or an early morning run around the lake. My assumption was easy and quickly accepted.


Later on I started thinking about the assumptions I make. And I realized that my assumptions, like the one I had just made, have significantly changed over time.

Twenty years ago I would have, well, truth be told I would not have been walking a dog at 6:30am, but pretending I was, I would have smiled a little to myself and wondered what kind of trouble the neighbour had been getting into to be rolling in at that hour.

Interesting to think about my own thinking. Do you ever stop and think about the assumptions that you make?