The Bachelor; After the Final Rose

Okay I admit it, I watch The Bachelor; yes, it is my guilty pleasure. And seeing as last night was the finale, the after-the-final-rose thingy, I can not help but comment.

Brad, you are such a bocking moron. What on earth were you thinking? You have a beautiful woman who tells you she loves you, who is scared pissless at going swimming with the sharks (and who looked amazing in a wet-suit) and yet she agrees to swim with sharks, for you, and you ignore her? Brad, did you see her parents’ house? Did you see her mother? Crickey, I would have chosen her mother rather than Emily.

And speaking of Emily, BRAD!! Did you not hear her saying; “DO NOT PICK ME.” She did not want anything to do with you. She wants Rickey’s daddy back. Her baby’s daddy can never do wrong, he is the competition you will never be able to out compete. Whenever she spoke of her Rickey’s daddy it was in glowing terms. You could NEVER measure up.

Brad, you messed up. You really messed up. You gave a rose and an engagement ring to a woman who has no interest in marrying you. And you really hurt a woman who really did care for you.

If I were you I would be calling Chantal and asking, actually, you should be begging for forgiveness. You butt head.

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  1. You know, every time I swim with sharks for a guy it turns out the same way for me, too. Chantal needs to learn to stop swimming with sharks and going on TV shows where you compete with other women for one strange man who is willing to do his dating on TV. Eventually, she will get it and then she can fall in love with someone who loves her.

    The real question is … did “The Bachelor” jump the shark?

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