The Best Christmas Moment EVER

Okay, I have a blog post about a new leather bag that I want to share with you (thank you Avallone Leather for not harassing me to get your gorgeous messenger bag back even though I promised to send it back more than a few days ago) and I have a blog post about my new shaving equipment from Fendrihan’s (anyone who knows me, knows that I take my shaving seriously) but this evening I have to tell you a story from Christmas morning that just warms my heart.

So you know how when parents start to get busy wrapping presents late on Christmas Eve? Well, anyway that is when I do all my wrapping. Sometimes when you bring home a present and perhaps you forgot to get a box to put it in? Am I alone in this situation? Anyone else?

One of my girls is wild about horses. So I brought home that horse character from Rapunzel, I think his name is Maximus? You know the one, the big dopey looking horse?

I figured she would love it.

Back to the wrapping of the gift. I didn’t have a box to put the horse in. So like any other male on Christmas Eve would do, I got inventive. I went down into our cellar, dumped a box of bags of those crispy “healthy” veggie chips into another bigger box and took the chip box to stuff Maximus into before gift wrapping. (Just as a quick aside, I still can’t figure out how to wrap a gift. Every time I wrap something it looks like a raccoon did the wrapping.)

To make a long story short, I stuffed Maximus into the box, wrapped the box and went to sleep.

Next morning at the gift unwrapping ceremony we are distributing gifts one by one to the girls. Daughter gets the box, shreds the paper from the box, screams with joy at the sight of a box of chips, holds the box of chips above her head like she just won the Stanley Cup, pumps the box in the air and screams, “I got CHIPS!! I GOT CHIPS!!!”

This is an image I will hang onto. The pure joy of a child getting something as simple as a box full of chips.

Funnier still, once she did open the box and find there was a horse in the box, Maximus was immediately renamed Chips.

Best Christmas moment EVER.





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