The Best Gift a Man Can Give His Sweetheart

You know, the entire issue of giving a gift to your wife is so completely confusing for a man. Let me tell you why.

Through the years I have given my Sweetheart many gifts. Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Ground Hog Day, Easter, the anniversary of our beginning dating, the anniversary of our engagement, the anniversary of our marriage, the birth of our children, even Christmas warrants a gift. Lord help me if the federal government finally declares that day in February as Heritage Day; just another day for me to give a gift. As I said though, there are many gifts that have been happily and joyful presented from me to my Sweetheart through our time together.

Of all the gifts I have presented her (I love that little play on words…you know, gift, present…) there is only one of those gifts that I actually see on a regular basis. All the other gifts, the diamonds, sapphires, all those precious and semi-precious gems, gold, silver, tin, lace and silk (well it is actually polyester although it is a really nice polyester) garments have disappeared into the recesses of the house. Disappeared to never be seen again.

However, the one gift that I do still see is the one gift that I receive endless amounts of derision for having given. And what is that gift you ask? The most useful gift a young mother could ever dream of possessing…a coffee maker. Not just any old coffee maker, a stainless steel, top quality French Press coffee maker. And let me tell you, it makes a damn fine cup of coffee.

Now when I go shopping for gifts for my Sweetheart I look for an item that I can imagine no use for. Once I have seen an item that has that distinct aura of no discernible use, I know I have found what my Sweetheart will receive as a gift. For this reason I have decided against buying that cool new mini-van we both loved or the Dyson vacuum cleaner for my Sweetheart for this coming Christmas.