The best television comedy of all time is…

What is the best television comedy of all time? Archie Bunker? Simpsons? Cheers? Three’s Company? Seinfeld?

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  1. I enjoyed I Love Lucy and The Honeymooners, and more recently, shows like Simpsons (during its heyday, not so much anymore) and Friends… but for me, the best has to be Seinfeld. It was smart and pushed some limits without going too far. Curb is good too (thanks to Larry David), but Seinfeld is better… even if Seinfeld himself is a terrible actor (but a great comedian/writer).

  2. Seinfeld is a classic for sure, but for some of those folks out there who like to feel smart and important while enjoying a lazy Sunday on the couch, Fraser is also a good show, spent many moments giggling at the silly puns and things I didn’t necessarily understand yet.

  3. The UK-based original “The Office” does it for me. Ricky Gervais as David Brent (the manager) is beyond clever in his awkward depiction of the incapable office leader. I also rate MASH highly, along with Seinfeld & Frasier.

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