The Bond & Knight Giveaway

Some time ago I did a YouTube video review of a couple Bond & Knight wallets, this origami-style Passport wallet included. Now, as I promised in my YouTube video, I am giving away this beautiful wallet!

A little review about this wallet – in short, it is gorgeous. Ultra-precise cuts and folds with NO stitching! It is made in England from one piece of Italian leather and is based on a design from the 1940s with creative folds and tucks giving it a very slim appearance and feel.

Other than the bi-fold wallet that I purchased from A Simple Leather Belt Co, a wallet made from English Bridle leather, I have not yet held a wallet with such fine and beautiful construction as this Bond & Knight Passport Wallet.

All that being said, seeing as this wallet was sent to me to do a review of, and I have now done so, I would like to pass this gem of a wallet on to one of my readers. Perhaps to you?

To enter this giveaway of a Bond & Knight Passport Wallet, in the comment section of this blog post

  • write a comment with the type of wallet you are carrying now
  • AND a whole number between one (1) and two hundred (200).

The Fine Print –

If two people enter with the same number, and that number is the winner, the first person to have entered will be the winner.

If there is no exact match, the next closest number, higher or lower, will be the winner.

I will use a random number generator to find the winning number.

One entry per email address please.

This giveaway closes at 6pm PST on Friday, November 6th 2015.

The winner of the wallet is required to pay for the cost of shipping the wallet in its pretty little box to their mailing address.

That is it! Play fair, have fun and good luck!

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29 Responses to The Bond & Knight Giveaway

  1. carlos gonzalez says:

    I am using a SBL lg wallet old logo in Chestnut brown. And i choose 81 as my number.

  2. I have an SBL front ID wallet in dark coffee. Number 32 please.

  3. Cody Gabel says:

    I currently use a Kickstarterted crabby wallet. I choose 42 b

  4. Darren Ong says:


    Ashland leather bi fold

  5. Joanne Wong says:

    156 will be my number! Using a custom wallet made from Baytown leather.

  6. Tom Sedens says:

    I carry a custom Ashland marbled shell
    Cordovan bifold. 107

  7. Jhosie says:

    I currently carry an Oroton business card case to hold my cards and a separate coin purse.

    Number 25.

    Thank you!

  8. Michael Kwan says:

    Allett slim RFID wallet. 187.

  9. Jim cross says:

    Mitchell Leather card wallet in Horween cognac

  10. Karla says:

    Saddleback id wallet dcb. 89

  11. Gwen says:

    I have a SBL coin purse and my number is 113.

  12. I carry a Kangaroo leather card wallet everyday. I pick number 76.

  13. Chris Comandao says:

    Custom Bugs Moran from Ashland Leather. 28

  14. Anonymous says:

    I carry a saddleback big wallet number 23

  15. Melanie kearns says:

    I carry a saddleback big wallet #23

  16. Marilyn Davis says:

    I use a Michael Kors wallet. My number is 13

  17. John says:

    I’m currently sporting a Tumi Delta. My number is 67.

  18. bob says:

    1 x SBL ID wallet – front pocket
    2 x Koch hipsters – glove box

    Number 166 please

  19. Dan says:

    #33 – I currently carry a SBL front pocket wallet.


  20. p says:

    I have a beautiful black lambskin wallet. I have had it for many years but when it was quite new the outside zipper refused to stay zipped. I use the wallet anyway because it holds cards, cash, and chequebook. It is a beauty. my number is 136

  21. James Lee says:

    I’m using a SBL Front Pocket ID Wallet in tobacco. My number is 51 !

  22. Pamela Bell says:

    I’m currently using the Saddleback toggle wallet. Number 88 please

  23. Janis Nicklas says:

    Love using my JW Hulme Linwood wallet – number 101 please and thank you –

  24. Doug Mackey says:

    Carrying a SBL medium bifold, old logo tobacco, and also a Norman Cahn Cabrio #64

  25. Garrett Duncan says:

    SBL small bifold
    Number 57 please

  26. Stacey says:

    Winning number is 190. If my perusal of the entries is correct, Michael is the winner!

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