The Bucket List

I was listening to the radio the other day and the conversation was somehow related to somebody’s “Bucket List.” Do you know the Bucket List? That list of stuff people want to get done before they “kick the bucket.” You know, before they die.

I call it baloney because that is just what it is to me. Perhaps this is because I have lived a full and exciting life. I have done what I wanted, when I wanted and where I wanted.

I have traveled to the places I have wanted to, I have seen the sights I have wanted to see. I have done all the stupid things that I have ever wanted to do. What more could I want to do or see?

Perhaps, just perhaps, I would like to go on a cruise ship to Alaska. Or go see a lion in its natural habitat wherever that is.

But other than that? What is there? I have done what I wanted. Except for one thing. And what is that one thing?

See my kids grow up and be safe and perfect and live their lives to the fullest just like I have done. That is the only thing that I want to do or see before I kick the bucket. But that is it.


  1. Funny, I received a number of emails complaining about me using the word “bull…” in my blog post. Is that really such an offensive word or phrase?

  2. We quibbling over bullshit? Okay, I guess that’s what us humans always quibble about but not purpose as exercise in vocabulary building.

    We should be quibbling about your inconsistent message. No list for you, mr. I’ve-been-selfish-and-made-my-mother-lose-sleep-while-riding-my-motorcycle-at-dangerous-speeds, and then you give us your very beautiful list. One over which you may have minimal control (as your mother would no doubt suggest you have had over your motorcycle once it is going more than 100 miles per hour!) 😉

    Hope this helps stir up the controversy in the “right” direction.

  3. I’m consufed.

    Because you’ve already done a bunch of stuff other people want to do, it’s nonsense for them to want to do it?

    Yup, I’m cosfuned.

  4. I must say you’re unique even in the tiniest portion of the humans who have been living dream life. Very few like you over here.

  5. My point is, quit sitting around making lists and get out and do the stuff you are dreaming about. Do what you want to do instead of thinking about it and planning for all the cool things you want to do before you kick the bucket. I will say it again, get off the couch and live.

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