The Coquitlam Munch

In the past I have blogged about growing food close to home and I will say it again, I believe in growing food close to home! I also like the idea of urban gardening where food plants rather than decorative plants are grown on city lands. You can imagine how pleased I was to see that the city of Coquitlam is also embracing the idea of growing food close to where we live.

Bush Beans
Bush Beans

The “Coquitlam Munch” is a partnership with the Austin Heights Business Improvement Association (AHBIA) which will enable the public to taste and share food grown on public land.

Forty planters along Ridgeway and Austin Avenues were planted by AHBIA members and other community partners at a launch event held May 26.

Adjacent businesses will keep the planters watered and weeded, and the public will be invited to tour the planters from June to October to taste the crops and learn about small-scale sustainable gardening.

I will be visiting the garden boxes in the coming days to see how the gardens are progressing. Stay tuned!!