The Coronation Street Purge

Coronation Street fans you will need to brace yourself; my sources are telling me that there are new creative people taking over the long running franchise and they are taking a long hard look at the cast of characters.

I have it on good authority that there is going to be another massive tragedy on the show similar to the train crash tragedy in which Molly and others were purged from the show. The new tragedy will be used to purge a significant number of the old time regulars from some of the stale story lines.

Who would you like to see purged from the show? My vote goes to purging the Gail character. Is it possible for a character to be more disgustingly stupid and annoying than Gail? Who do you want to see purged from the series?





5 responses to “The Coronation Street Purge”

  1. marilyn Avatar

    Yes Yes Yes Purge Gail/ Dev/ Sunita/ Carl/ Mary/ BUT not Ken/Diedre/Rita/Audrey … the street would not be the same without them .. sorry I like the old timers.

  2. Stacey Avatar

    I agree with all your purges except for Mary; I see a future for her and Roy. As for be old-timers, I agree, I cannot imagine the street without Ken Barlow. But Deirdre? Or as we call her, Dreary, let her go.

  3. Paula Avatar

    Get rid of the spineless Tyrone once and for all. How many times can I guy choose to be a victim?

  4. Tina G Avatar
    Tina G

    David, no contest. Close your mouth you mouth breather.

    I love Mary! She is crazy but sweet and I’d love to see her hook up with someone. Roy?? Haley is boring and could be booted. Carla should go (again but for good this time). I wouldn’t miss her whiney voice.

  5. Cal Avatar

    Get rid of Tracey Barlow. NOW.