The Crabby Crabberson twins

If a baby skips her afternoon nap the result is awful. By bed time the twins were both screaming and crying, arching their little backs and throwing themselves around as if they were in agony. The truth of the matter is that we were in agony from their cries, not them. However, a little warm bath, some baby powder sprinkled on their little bods, a bottle of milk and off to dream land they went. Bliss at last for them…and us.

On an unrelated note, Nestle Canada is the latest company to contact us to let us know they are looking forward to our product reviews. Now that we are beginning the transition from 100% breast milk to breast milk with some feedings made up from formula we are looking into what is the best formula for our little ones.

On the diaper front, or rear, as the case may be, we received three little “organic cotton” diapers from Huggies. Unfortunately they were added into the diaper pile and ended up full of pee just like any of the other diapers that the girls wear. So, I cannot say if they were any more or less absorbent than any other diaper. Perhaps if we had more we could take a more analytical look at the performance of the organic cotton diapers…just a thought to put out there…