The Dialect Spoken in the Tim Hortons Drive Thru

Virtually every time I go through the Tim Hortons drive-thru I end up with stuff that I had no idea that I had ordered.

I have tried clarifying what I am ordering by asking the garbled voice on the other end of the brown speaker box to repeat back to me what it is I can expect to receive. That has not worked. Every visit to a Tim Hortons drive-thru results in a mystery bag of food and drinks being handed into my vehicle. That was the case until I found someone who speaks the same dialect as the people who live inside the Tim Hortons speaker box.

You see I was listening to my two year old twins “talking” to one another. Lately there has been a Youtube video circulating that shows twin boys “talking” to one another. After watching that video, I realized that is the same language my twins use.

Then another realization came to me; THAT is the same language or dialect that they use in the Tim Hortons speaker box!

Yesterday I thought I would test this out; I pulled up to the speaker box, rolled down the back seat side window and let the girls “order” my morning coffee.

Perfection. The order was placed, and as I drove away I was very pleased to see that I got a large double-double, a toasted multi-grain bagel with a light smear of strawberry cream cheese and a sour cream glazed doughnut.

Communication is easy when you know the language that is being spoken or at least have a translator along with you.  Life is good.