The Dot Com Pho Lunch

This weekend I once again joined our local DotComPho group for our weekly lunch and tech talk. Me being the low-tech guy in the group (yes, I am the low-tech guy), I brought along the Avallone Leather Messenger Bag for carrying tech-toys and gadgets. As it turns out, there is a pretty high-tech gadget in my messenger bag.

If you want to see me on this video you can fast-forward to about the nine minute mark to hear me talk about the Avallone Leather bag.

Disclosure; the Avallone Leather City Messenger bag I have described above was sent on loan to me and I will be returning it to Avallone Leather after I have finished reviewing it. NO financial or other form of incentive was provided by Avallone Leather to me for writing this blog post. As always, in all my blog posts, I maintain full editorial control.


  1. I ALWAYS enjoy learning about the gadgets that are brought to our lunch meeting. The camera head clamp was classic.

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