The Family Car Search Continues

For those who have been following our journey for more than awhile know that we continue to hunt for  new family car.

The first car I test drove did not have an adequate back seat.

The next car was too tall to fit in the car park.

Our guest blogger described the process her partner and her went through to find their family car.

You might think that we would be getting closer to finding our own new family car. Sadly, this is not the case even after I spent an afternoon investigating a new family car.

I did find my dream vehicle but I didn’t even bother taking my Sweetheart to see the new vehicle after watching her reaction to the pics I took of my dream vehicle.

Jeep For Sale
Jeep For Sale


Imagine the credibility any kid would have when they arrived at school with their uber-cool Papa in a military green CJ 2A.

Of course we would have to find and buy seats, a windshield, perhaps some kind of a roof/top like thingy for the inclement weather, new tires, and…


Of course showing Sweetheart this second photo basically sealed the no-deal… the words “Not running” do not help close a deal.

For Sale Sign
For Sale Sign