The Farmhouse Kitchen Table

After many, many years, my farmhouse kitchen table is in use.

Farmhouse Kitchen Table

Last weekend I took it to our cabin, removed the existing kitchen and set up my new homemade farmhouse kitchen table.

Farmhouse Kitchen Table

If you remember, this is a table I created. I actually cut down the tree, milled the logs into lumber, and then let that lumber dry for about ten years. Maybe 15 years. Regardless, the lumber was aging and drying for a very long time.

Farmhouse Kitchen Table

And now here it is! Installed in my cabin kitchen – my very own farmhouse kitchen table. Made by me. For me and my kids to sit at and eat. And play LEGO.

Farmhouse Kitchen Table

My farmhouse kitchen table. In my cabin. Ready for my family to sit at, eat at, and to create memories at. I am pleased.





One response to “The Farmhouse Kitchen Table”

  1. Peter Avatar

    A personal project completed…congratulations. Very satisfying.

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