The Great Escape; A Game Changer in our Home

Today the twins introduced what is essentially a game-changer. Months ago they figured out how to manoveur through our crudely fashioned, homemade barricade. We decided to kick things up a notch and introduce some custom built containment devices. Enter the doorway-gate.

The Great Escape Part I
The Great Escape Part I

Not only is this gate attractive and practical, it is fashioned from a sustainably grown and harvested grove of bamboo.

While I was at my desk this morning I heard a kind of crashing of toys. I peeked into the living-room and saw that the twins had tipped over their toy box. Hmmm…no real harm in this, I thought.

And then things got very quiet. Seizing the momentary quiet, I hammered away at my keyboard trying to get some work done while the girls entertained themselves…

The Great Escape Part II
The Great Escape Part II

I hear lots of little girls puffing, an indicator of much effort being exerted. I turn from my desk to look and see the girls at the doorway. Standing on the toybox.

So I decide to let this scenario play out…let’s see what they are going to do…

The Great Escape Part III
The Great Escape Part III
The Great Escape Part IV
The Great Escape Part IV

And finally…

The Great Escape Part V
The Great Escape Part V

Maybe the girls were paying attention on those late nights of watching Steve McQueen in The Great Escape.


  1. They’re so cute! The pictures brings back memories. 18 months .. I call that the ‘unguided missile’ stage! lol!

  2. Ha! Cracks me up! We have the same gate and K figured out how to climb over it about a month ago. She puts her foot up on the ‘locking bar’ and up and over she goes. We figured if we just turned the gate around she wouldnt be able to access the bar… and she surprised us by pushing her chair up next to it and climbing over just like the twins. These kids are getting crafty eh? We scrapped the gate and for 3 painstaking weeks we said “Kahlen No!” when she tried to cross the threshold where the gate was previously, and now when she gets close she shakes her head and turns around! We will see how long this lasts…. Ha ha ha. Good luck!

  3. Priceless!

    I have a friend with a grown-up child who was once “one of those kids”. The kind that are in the emergency room once a month and never sleep.

    Finally, she put a lock on the outside of his bedroom door and took everything out of his room except his dresser and bed. Not great, but he would get up at night and get into EVERYTHING and she was so exhausted she started sleeping through the banging around.

    Well, night #1 and she puts him to bed as usual. Stories, back rubs, a little singing. He falls asleep. She runs around like a banshee tidying things up and catching up on her home business correspondence until she is literally sleeping on the keyboard and crawls into her bed. About an hour later, she awakens to a HUGE crash. He has pulled the drawers of his dresser out to make steps and walked up them … until the dresser fell on him!

    He was 2 years old!

    Dad was frequently away for business. Their solution? A live-in nanny. They basically all took shifts until he began sleeping at night instead of running missions.

  4. Love this entry! The pictures are even better than your words (which I have grown quite fond of over the months)! 🙂

  5. My golly what an escape indeed … pretty clever young ladies .. and clever of Daddy to record it.

  6. I was one of those jail breaking kids.
    I used to terrify my parents by climbing over the rails of my crib, and walking around the outside edge, holding onto the bars. Drove my mum crazy !!!
    Good luck !!!

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